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Mango Honey-Love Mask & Serum Set

Mango Honey-Love Mask & Serum Set

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The 2nd collection from our 100% natural hair line offers "love in a jar" for your hair.  Swelling with organic ingredients that will leave your hair completely full of moisture, nutrition and strength, this mask screams "I'm coming Summer!"  Use the mask as a pre or post shampoo while using the serum to fix any scalp issues you may have AND stimulate your hair follicles to grow beautifully!  

SOME of the ingredients that we KNOW your hair will love are:

  • Mango Butter- delivers ultra-moisture and hydration to your follicles
  • Manuka Honey- strengthens individual hair strands w/natural protein
  • Baobab Oil- increases hair growth
  • Argan Oil- nourishes follicles & delivers antioxidants to each strand
  • Amla- stimulates the root 
  • Plus a proprietary blend of natural growing herbs to deliver consistent hair growth when used routinely!