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Clay Replenish Leave-in Conditioning Spray

Clay Replenish Leave-in Conditioning Spray

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Use this all-natural spray to provide additional nourishment; replenish and detangle as an added aid to your wash day experience.  When using the whole Clay Collection System, additional conditioner can be used OR this spray can be used instead. Also helps to provide additional slip to your hair for those particularly unruly days.  Premier ingredients are water soluble so that hair is not weighed down.  This product is the last step in your Clay Collection hair experience! 

Action Words:  Detangle. Refresh. Condition. 

Suggested Uses: Apply Clay Aloe Mask; Clarifying Shampoo and then rinse. After rinsing, spray Clay Replenish Leave-in Spray in sections and comb through.  Please note:  you may choose to wash this out depending on your styling goals for your hair.  

Can also use daily as a refresh for natural hair.

Spray is safe to use on wet or dry hair, daily or during wash routine.  


  • Distilled Water; bamboo extract; cucumber extract; avocado extract; plant  keratin • rosewater; *grapeseed extract (natural preservative)

Ingredient highlights:

Plant Keratin:  improves the strength and elasticity of hair as well as the combability of both wet and dry hair.  Hair will be easier to style as Plant Keratin reduces static and frizz. Also makes hair shinier and healthier.

Avocado Extract:  Smoothes hair strands; nourishes hair and delivers antioxidants to each strand. 

Rosewater:  refreshes hair with light rose scent. 

Bamboo:  Improves blood circulation in the scalp; Promotes growth and shininess of thicker mane