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Relaxed Or Chemically Altered Hair Recommendations

It’s no secret that our hair is versatile! That’s what makes the hair journey special. For those of you who like to wear your hair straight or use other chemicals this is for you!

Must haves:  

Black Sea Moisturizing Shampoo:  an all natural shampoo that delivers excellent softening, nourishing and moisturizing power to your hair while gently cleansing it.  Filled with select ingredients such as Bamboo and Sea Kelp, this shampoo is value-priced but worth a million dollars and your hair will thank you for it.

Mask & Serum Set:  versatile deep conditioning mask that will infuse growth herbs, plant proteins and essential oils into your scalp and strengthen your roots. The serums are both infused with growth herbs to ensure your new growth sprouts brilliantly and carefully and ensures that your current crown & scalp are hydrated and fed.  We have two to choose from:  Green Tea and Mango Honey-Love.  Head over to the product page to read about them in detail! 

Slay Butter: you need moisture? Scalp feeling dry or itchy? Strands feeling brittle? Our butter will ensure your scalp and roots are never thirsty again. It even help with minimizing frizz with healthy ingredients such as kokum butter, avocado oil, and clove oil. Apply the butter directly to your scalp or through your strands on wet or dry hair. A little goes a long way and the creamy texture of the butter makes it super easy to apply. 

Runway Hair Detangle Brush:  you THOUGHT you had a good brush but we're telling you, you'll want to throw your whole brush away once you've used ours!  You'll need this to detangle your hair WITHOUT pulling out the strands that are ALIVE & WELL! 

Your new routine:

So you have your it's time to protect and grow your hair.


  • Every 1-2 weeks (depending how much buildup or dandruff you may have)

Deep Condition

  • Always deep condition after washing your hair. Directly after rinsing shampoo out, section off hair into 4-6 sections and apply the mask.  A little goes a long way so use sparingly but ensure mask is applied to all of hair.
  • Twist sections and allow to dry over the course of the day or overnight.  Or you can sit up the dryer with a plastic cap for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse.

Slay Butter

  • You can’t forget to moisturize! The more you manipulate your hair, the more fragile your strands could become. Especially for those of us who apply moderate to frequent heat. There’s nothing worse than long uneven hair with split ends or brittle strands. Moisturize and protect your hair by applying the butter thoroughly throughout your hair. It’s a light weight moisturized packed with healthy ingredients that provides a direct vitamin shot to your strands.You can apply it to wet or dry hair.


  • Do your thang here! However you want to style your hair....go for it!


  • The one thing natural and relaxed/chemically altered hair have in come is that our strands are precious and fragile. Make sure to wrap your hair at night (for straight styles) or tie up with a silk/satin scarf when sleeping.