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Real People; Real Product Use Suggestions Coming Soon!

We all have different all of us. Our hair is uniquely and divinely our own....and it's AMAZING. Whether short, long, kinky, curly or straight....I literally don't care...YOUR CROWN IS RIDICULOUSLY INSPIRING....PERIOD! 

So, you've seen the Runway's Reviews want to try it...but you're not sure how to use it!  Or you've used it once, but think you should have done a pre-wash versus a post...Well honey, you've in the right place because, we refuse to leave your crown unattended.  

We're adding content from real people weekly that don't mind sharing how they are using their collection to give that "vitamin shot to their hair"! 

For now, look at the chart here to get started!  We'll be adding new content to this blog topic soon!

Oh...and if you have a testimonial or before/after pic or content video about your recommended use of The Runway's products...well stop reading NOW! Email us at and share your story with us!  


Bye for now Beauties!

And here's to being "Picture Ready...Every Day..."